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Your CHOICE in the Greater New Orleans Area for more than 33 years.

Crescent City Physical Therapy (CCPT) specializes in the treatment of the broad spectrum of orthopaedic injuries, diseases and disabilities by experienced physical therapists who have attained advanced degrees, specialization, and continuing educational training.

CCPT physical therapists provide individualized evaluation and treatment to patients who may be referred directly by their physician or they may be self-referred as many of our patients CHOOSE our services because of our long standing community reputation for excellence as a leader in our profession, high level of patient satisfaction ( greater than 98%)  and our Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes (FOTO) for measured success of our rehabilitation services.

CCPT offers:

  • Experienced Physical Therapists
  • Evaluation, Treatment, Patient Education, Self-Management Programs, and Communication with Patients' Physicians
  • Extended Treatment Hours: Early Morning and Late Afternoon
  • Convenient Parking
  • Medicare Facility
  • In-Network for most insurance and assistance in verification of benefit services

"Our over-arching consideration is to ensure CCPT's patients receive effective treatment that improves function, saves money, prevents future disability, and avoids side affects of medication and potential complications of surgery"
-Virginia "Gini" Davis, PT, MA, President/Founder


CCPT’s reputation is supported by Longevity AND by Results in Patient Outcomes and Patient Satisfaction.

Choose CCPT … and GET BETTER!


"With the rising cost of health care insurance, patients are beginning to use the same value criteria
for health care decisions - expertise, service, and value for cost
- as they do with other important
purchasing decisions.
CCPT delivers on all fronts!"

-Virginia "Gini" Davis, PT, MA, President/Founder



Crescent City Physical Therapy’s ROI (Rehab Outcomes Index) results among physical therapy clinics throughout the U.S., provides a snapshot of the quality and performance level achieved by CCPT in a recently completed independent, national survey. This proprietary evaluation system incorporates several measures (described below the chart) into a detailed report card … the first of its kind in the outpatient rehabilitation profession.

The ROI Outcomes Program is a scientifically validated third-party system that measures the quality and efficiency of our providers and our network. It tracks patients’ ability to function and how that ability improves during treatment, and generates predictions for treatment outcomes based on the nation’s largest database of rehab outcomes. The system then compares CCPT’s Therapists’ performance to the nationally recognized benchmarks, showing how and where CCPT Therapists excel.

CCPT’s ROI Results:
Louisiana/Mississippi Region

   *Possible results: Outstanding, Above Standard, Meets Standard, Below Standard, Poor or No Data
   **Possible Results: Above Benchmark, At Benchmark, Below Benchmark, No Data

Description of Measures:

Quality Assurance
Each participant is scored on its adherence to our Quality Assurance standards, which are stricter than those of any other network. The QA score includes an office’s compliance in such areas as care delivery guidelines, documentation standards, treating personnel, appropriate billing and patient safety.

Credentialing Inspection
Ours is the only outpatient therapy network that performs on-site credentialing inspections of each office on a regular basis. Our credentialing standards exceed NCQA requirements. This score reflects an office’s rating in areas including staffing ratios, therapist continuing education, office equipment, policies and procedures, cleanliness, handicap accessibility, and HIPAA and OSHA compliance.

Patient Satisfaction
Patients’ feedback on factors such as treatment effectiveness, staff courtesy and wait times is measured to calculate this score.

Outcomes Percentile
Each office receives a percentile ranking based on its achievements in the Outcomes Program. This represents an office’s outcomes performance relative to therapy offices and facilities around the country, including those outside our network. We are able to report this measurement because we use an independent third party to measure outcomes performance.

Outcomes Participation
This item reflects how many of an office’s patients participated in the ROI Outcomes Program. The higher the participation, the higher the rating. While a minimal participation rate yields statistically significant results, offices with higher participation rates earn higher ratings on this item.

Outcomes Benchmark
The ROI Outcomes Program measures how well an office achieves expected treatment outcomes – that is, how much improvement patients achieve – based on predictions calculated by our powerful outcomes software engine. This measure indicates whether an office exceeded, met, or fell below those predictions for patient improvement, which are based on a dataset of more than 2.5 million therapy cases.

Efficiency Benchmark
Another area of performance measured by the ROI Outcomes Program is how efficiently each office is able to achieve positive treatment outcomes – that is, how quickly patients improve, combined with how much improvement is achieved. This measure shows whether an office exceeded, met, or fell below the predicted efficiency benchmarks. Higher ratings on this measure correlate with a lower overall cost of care per episode, because greater efficiency means more improvement in fewer visits.

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